Contested between the upper South Island provinces - Nelson and Marlborough in Central Districts, and Canterbury Country and Buller in the Canterbury Cricket Association area, the winner of the Hawke Cup Zone 3 competition earns the right to make the annual Zone 3 Hawke Cup Challenge

Besides Zone 3 matches, Nelson and Marlborough also play against each other twice each season for the coveted Newman Shield, and the Garry MacDonald Trophy (two-day cricket).




9 & 10 December 2023 from 10.30am                   

  • Nelson 400/7 declared drew with Marlborough 147/0 & 53/0  at Marsden Rec ground, Nelson
  • Buller 70 & 105 lost outright to Canterbury Country 172/1 declared & 4/0 at Buller High School, Westport


16 & 17 December 2023 from 10.30am               


13 & 14 January 2024  from 10.30am               

  • Marlborough 250 drew with Canterbury Country 386/6 at Horton Park, Blenheim
  • Nelson 343/7 drew with Buller 222 at Saxton Oval, Stoke, Nelson


26, 27, 28 January 2024 


Mainpower Oval, Rangiora from 10.30am  

  • • The Zone 3 final determines which team challenges for the Hawke Cup from Zone 3. The Challege will be against the winner of the Zone 2 Challenge by Manawatū against holder Hawke's Bay.




    Zone 3 Elimination Matches


    IN 2022, THE MCC ANNOUNCED IMPORTANT AMENDMENTS to the CODE OF LAWS - find out more here

    1.    The Laws of Cricket

    Except as specially provided hereinafter, the current code of the Laws of Cricket, together with the First Class Playing Conditions as laid down by NZC will apply.

    2.    Teams

    The Zone will consist of teams from West Coast, Buller, Nelson, Marlborough and Canterbury Country and the series will be run on a round-robin basis. Teams will consist of 11 players and a 12th man. The 12th man will perform normal 12th man duties and not be permitted to bat or bowl during the match.

    3.    Balls

    As per NZC regulations, “Kookaburra Regulation” 4-piece balls will be provided by the host Association for both teams.

    4.    Hours of Play and Intervals

          10.30AM – 1.00PM

          1.40PM – 4.00PM

          4.20PM – 6.30PM

    Should the teams have to leave the ground for the purposes of Lunch then at the discretion of the Umpires, up to 20 minutes can be added to the Lunch Break with all remaining sessions adjusted accordingly. A minimum of 15 overs will be bowled in the last hour of the match.

    5.    Weather Interference

          5.1    Games must be played on the date scheduled. If a game is unable to be commenced or completed because of weather points will be allocated as per 8 below.

          5.2    The total hours (including all stoppages and extra time) do not exceed 14 hours in any match, except where this is necessary to allow 15 overs in the last hour of the match.

          5.3    Play can be between the hours of 10.00am and 8.00pm provided that no session exceeds three hours in duration, except where this is necessary to allow 15 overs to be bowled in the last hour of the match. Time lost on Day 1 of a match can be made up on Day 2 up to a maximum of 9 hours playing time.

    6.    Length of Innings

    There is no restriction on the length of an innings. A new ball becomes available after 80 overs.

    7.    Over Rates

    Section 23 (1) of the First Class Playing Conditions apply except that the initial minimum number of overs to be completed on any day, unless there is an interruption to play, is 110.

    8.    Points

    Points awarded:

    Outright win: 10

    First innings win: 7

    No first innings result: 3

    Abandoned match: 3

    Outright loss with first innings win: 5

    Tie on first innings: 4

    Tie on first innings but outright win: 10

    Outright tie: 7

    Loss on first innings: 1

    Win by default: 10

    9.    Zone Results and Winner

    At the conclusion of each game, the Host Association is responsible for advising the Zone Administrator the result of the game, and the scores of each side by completion of an official result card. The Zone Administrator shall keep a table of the points earned by each side and shall advise NZC at the conclusion of the series, the Zone Winner.

    In the event of a tie in the number of points earned, the team which earned the most points in the game between the two tied sides would be the winner. If the teams were tied in that game, the team with the best runs-per-wicket differential over the entire series of matches would be the winner.

    If more than two teams are tied, then the team with the most points from the matches between the tied sides is the winner. If still tied, the team with the best runs-perwicket differential over the entire series would be the winner. If, for any reason, the Zone Winner is unable to fulfil their challenge obligations, then the second team will become the challenger.

    Zone Final playoff
    For the 2014/15 season there was a play-off between the top 2 teams as decided above. The play off was played over 3 days under the same rules as those used for Hawke Cup challenge games (see NZC 1st class playing regulations). The winner of this play-off game was the Zone winner.

    Rules for Zone Play-off Final game
    The final will be hosted by the top qualifier as decided above. The same rules as for Hawke Cup challenge games will apply to the Zone play-off final and these rules will be used to find the winner. If the playoff is a no-result then the top qualifying team from pool play will be named as Zone winner.

    10.    Umpires

    The Host Association is responsible for the appointment of Umpires. In the case of the Canterbury based teams (Canterbury Country, Buller and West Coast) the Canterbury Regional Umpires Association will be asked to appoint umpires for home matches on the understanding that district umpires will be given priority with appointments.

    11.    Catering

    The Host Association is responsible for providing, and paying for Lunch/Afternoon Tea for both teams, 12th men, Managers, Umpires, Scorers and Coaches.

    12.    Artificial Pitches

    Artificial Pitches can be used for elimination matches. Where a match is played on any form of artificial pitch, any delivery not deemed to be a wide which strikes the edge of the pitch is to be called “Dead Ball”.

    13.    Covers

    Each Association is to ensure they have adequate covers available.

    14.    Player Eligibility

    As per the Playing Conditions with the following inclusion for 2009/10: The West Coast Cricket Association (WCCA) is permitted to play two players, who do not play club cricket in, or live on the West Coast, for all Hawke Cup elimination fixtures. These players names will be submitted to the Zone Administrator and distributed to other Districts prior to the commencement of the elimination programme. Both players will play all matches if fitness and form warrant their selection. In the case of injury or form warranting non-selection, WCCA may select a replacement player but must advise the Zone Administrator prior to the match in question and provide adequate supporting information as to the reasons for the change in selection. The WCCA will endeavour to select players who have some affiliation to WCCA.

    Note: This rule may also apply to the Buller Cricket Association if so requested.
    Any other applications for dispensations must be referred to the Zone Administrator no later than one full week prior to the match.

    15.    Accommodation

    Each Association is responsible for organising its own accommodation.

    16.    Disputes

    Any query regarding Zone Elimination Matches will be referred to the Zone Administrator who will arrange for the Zone Committee (1 member per district) to rule on or arrange to get a ruling on the point at issue.

    17.    Sightscreens

    To be used where available.

    18.    Scorers

    Own Association’s responsibility.

    19.    Umpire and Pitch Reports

    Umpire Reports are to be completed and collected by the host association immediately following the completion of a match and forwarded to the respective Regional Umpires Association for grading purposes.

    Pitch Reports are to be completed and collected by the host association immediately following the completion of a match andcopies forwarded to NZC.

    20.    Code of Conduct

    For information and procedure, refer to New Zealand Cricket Code of Conduct as detailed in the NZC Playing Conditions Booklet.