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The Laws of Cricket

Except as specially provided hereafter, the 2017 (2022) Code of the Laws of Cricket, together with the Playing Conditions as laid down by NZC will apply

Competition Specific Playing Conditions

40 overs per side.

8 overs maximum per bowler

Power plays

1) Overs 1–8 inclusive (max. 2 players outside the inner circle)

2) Overs 9-40 inclusive (max. 4 players outside the inner circle)

One white club match 142g Kookaburra Cricket ball to be used per innings


5.1 For each match teams may be composed of twelve players.

5.2 Prior to the toss for each match captains must provide opposing captains and the umpires a list of their batting XI and their fielding XI. The player left out of the fielding XI will act as a 12th for the fielding portions of the match. (i.e. the player may bat in the batting XI but may not bowl)

5.3The “12th player” may be rotated on and off the field acting as substitute fielder, under the following conditions

– The “12th player” can be rotated at 10 over intervals (ie after 10 overs, 20 overs and 30 overs). Only if a player is injured or ill can the “12th player” be rotated at any other time.  No player is to be off the field for more than 10 overs during an innings, unless they are injured or ill. Hence, no player can take part in the field for less than 30 overs unless injured or ill.

5.4 Since the rotation of the substitute is controlled, there is no penance time for either the batting or fielding side, unless there is an injury related change. The time the injured player is off the field is to be monitored and penance time applied to their absence if or when they return. For example –If a bowler leaves the field with an injury and they are off the field for more than the allowed 8 minutes grace period, they must “serve their time” before bowling again.If a bowler leaves the field with an injury and does not return to the field in the completed innings, they must serve their penance time before batting or bat no higher than #7.

5.5 The wicketkeeper cannot be designated as the non-bowler

Pace bowler bowling loads as per NZC PC’s must be followed. Ie If  a  player  is  aged under  19 as at 1 September 2022, in the year of the first half of the season, they will be restricted to a bowling load of six overs in any one spell

The wearing of helmets by all batters is mandatory, in the interests of Health and Safety, in this competition. It is also expected that wicketkeepers wear helmets when standing up to spin bowlers.

Running the non-striker out before the ball is bowled:The bowler must issue a warning to the non-striker who, in the umpire’s opinion, was out of their crease at the time of the incident.The warning must be made to the umpire at the non-striker's end before the next ball is delivered.The warning will last the duration of that innings and apply to all batters. The umpires will make all incoming batters aware if a warning has been issued

Central Districts Cricket Association believes that the process of the bowler running out the non-striker is not in the Spirit of the Game and should be used only as a last resort.

  • All other playing conditions (ground markings, fielding restrictions, etc.) as per Hallyburton Johnstone Shield