Founded in 1950, our team is selected from a big geographic area. The Stags and Hinds are the only Domestic teams to represent both the North and South Islands of Aotearoa New Zealand, and this means we have to overcome logistical and training challenges that other teams simply don't have to deal with.

It makes the Stags a very close-knit and committed team. We're down to earth, adaptable Kiwi lads from the heartland provinces, with a sense of humour!

We're looking to enjoy what we do and to entertain people, having fun together, and playing good cricket wherever we are playing and no matter what the circumstances. And, we're always very happy to connect with young fans, whether in our region or even in the opposition territory!

Beneath the smiles and fun are hard-working, determined, competitive, super-fit cricketers searching to get the best out of their careers and talents in a high-intensity professional environment.

We all want to play for the BLACKCAPS (and many of us have) and will leave no stone unturned in the quest to represent New Zealand.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 

"We are the might of CD" is a line in our team song that resonates with all of us, getting it done together!


DOUG Bracewell • Hawke's Bay *

TOM Bruce • Taranaki • white-ball captain *

JACK Boyle • Hawke's Bay *

WILL Clark • Hawke's Bay *

JOSH Clarkson • Nelson *

DANE Cleaver • Manawatū • white-ball vice-captain *

LIAM Dudding • Hawke's Bay *

JOEY Field • Hawke's Bay *

GREG Hay • Nelson • Plunket Shield captain *

CURTIS Heaphy Manawatū *

JAYDEN Lennox • Hawke's Bay *

BRETT Johnson • Hawke's Bay

AJAZ Patel • Hawke's Bay *

BRETT Randell *

ANGUS Schaw • Hawke's Bay 

BRAD Schmulian • Hawke's Bay *

BEVAN Small • Manawatū

BLAIR Tickner • Hawke’s Bay • BLACKCAPS Contract 2023/24

RAY Toole • Manawatū *

BAYLEY Wiggins • Hawke's Bay *

WILL Young • Taranaki • BLACKCAPS Contract 2023/24

* 2023/24 CDCA contracted player




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The Plunket Shield 
Born in 1906, this revered championship comprises eight rounds of hard fought, four-day first-class cricket. The ability to win away is a key to overall success and in 2019, the Stags broke the CDCA record for most consecutive Plunket Shield matches without a defeat: 21 games without a loss.
The national record is 24.

We are very fortunate to provide admission to watch these gripping, intense games at no cost to our public. The Stags won the Plunket Shield national championship back-to-back in 2018 and 2019, and again in 2023 with five outright wins from the eight rounds and a special final day in Nelson. To have won this tough competition three times in the last six seasons makes us very proud - it's the hardest competition to win

Dream11 Super Smash 
Ten rounds of fast, bold, unpredictable, exciting T20 cricket!

Take in a doubleheader under lights at McLean Park or holiday season afternoon at Fitzherbert Park or Pukekura Park. Traditionally, the Stags & Hinds head to our iconic New Plymouth venue just before New Year's for back-to-back days of fun, at a venue considered one of the most beautiful cricket grounds in the world.

With our mascot The Stag in attendance, big, buzzy crowds and gourmet food trucks, it's all on. Great pricing plus free kids' activities and fun free giveaways make for a really great-value family day out - and it's a cracking show to see our best players pushing the boundaries with the big hits.

The Stags won this national trophy in 2019 to cap an impressive three years in a row in the Grand Final as one of NZ's top T20 teams. We led this competition for most of last summer too, only to just miss out on the playoffs. Boo hoo.

The Ford Trophy 
First contested in 1975, New Zealand's national men’s one-day competition consists of 10 rounds of 50-over matches.

The Ford Trophy Grand Final is either streamed or televised each year and we've been regular Finalists in this format - winning the Trophy in 2012, 2016, 2017 and 2023. We hosted the Grand Final at Pukekura Park as top qualifier in both 2016 & 2018, top qualifier again in 2022 and 2023, and won the 2023 Final at McLean Park!

Many of the innovative skills developed in T20 are filtering through into one-day gameplans, making the classic white-ball format even better to watch.

All our Ford Trophy games are FREE admission for you to enjoy a summer's day out, chilling on the bank or terraces or in the stand with family and friends, coffee cart at most venues (or a café close by) to enjoy a top game of cricket on us!



Over the years, many of New Zealand’s great players have played for the Central Stags

Men such as Harry Cave, Bevan Congdon, Brian Yuile, Gary Bartlett, Vic Pollard, Dave O'Sullivan, Martin Crowe, Jock Edwards, Ian Smith, Tony Blain, Michael Mason, Jesse Ryder, Mark Greatbatch, Jacob Oram, Jamie How, Peter Ingram, Mathew Sinclair and Ross Taylor are just a few of the many New Zealand representatives proud to have called the Stags their home team

And our very first captain, Sir Joe Ongley, was a Supreme Court judge and knight of the realm!

We treasure our team's heritage and offer a free membership programme for all our CD Alumni past players


Plunket Shield  1953/54 • 1966/67 • 1967/68 • 1970/71 • 1986/87 • 1991/92 • 1998/99 • 2005/06 • 2012/13 • 2017/18 • 2018/19 • 2022/23

Ford Trophy  1984/85 • 2000/01 • 2003/04 • 2011/12 • 2014/15 • 2015/16 • 2022/23

Super Smash  2007/08 • 2009/10 • 2018/19

Cricket Max Trophy  1995/96


Depending on each season's schedule, the Stags play at home at any of four venues spread across our CDCA region. Find out more about what you can bring into these venues on our Spectator FAQ page.

  • McLean Park in Napier, Hawke's Bay
  • Fitzherbert Park in Palmerston North, Manawatu
  • Pukekura Park in New Plymouth, Taranaki
  • Saxton Oval in Stoke, Nelson


1987 Martin Crowe

1988 Mark Greatbatch

1989 Scott Briasco

1990 John Smith

1991 Tony Blain

1992 Stu Duff

1993 Dean Askew

1994 Rodney Brown

1995 Mark Greatbatch

1996 Mark Greatbatch

1997 Andrew Penn

1998 Craig Spearman

1999 Glen Sulzberger

2000 Jacob Oram

2001 Brent Hefford

2002 Andrew Schwass

2003 Michael Mason

2004 Mathew Sinclair

2005 Lance Hamilton

2006 Ewen Thompson

2007 Bevan Griggs

2008 Greg Hay

2009 Mathew Sinclair

2010 Peter Ingram

2011 Peter Ingram

2012 Kruger van Wyk

2013 Carl Cachopa

2014 Kruger van Wyk

2015 Will Young

2016 George Worker

2017 George Worker

2018 Ajaz Patel

2019 Greg Hay

2020 Dane Cleaver

2021 Doug Bracewell

2022 Tom Bruce

2023 Tom Bruce

2024 Blair Tickner