Champion • HAWKE'S BAY

Sunday 12 November 2023

Wairarapa lost to Hawke's Bay by 8 wickets • Queen Elizabeth Park Oval, Masterton

Taranaki beat Manawatū by 6 wickets • New Plymouth

Sunday 19 November 2023

Hawke's Bay v Manawatū • match abandoned (rain) • Cornwall Park, Hastings

Friday 1 December 2023

Sadly a flight cancellation meant Wairarapa was no longer able to reach Blenheim in time to play this much anticipated first fixture. Wairarapa's matches against Nelson on 2 & 3 December remain unaffected.

Non-competition match

Marlborough v Wairarapa • Horton Park, Blenheim - match cancelled

Saturday 2 December 2023

Nelson lost to Wairarapa by 4 wickets • Saxton Oval, Nelson

Hawkes Bay beat Taranaki by 156 runs • Nelson Park, Napier

Sunday 3 December 2023

Nelson lost to Wairarapa by 4 wickets • Nelson

Hawkes Bay v Taranaki • Nelson Park, Napier - match abandoned

Sunday 10 December 2023

Manawatū v Hawke's Bay • Fitzherbert Park, Palmerston North - match abandoned

Saturday 13 January 2024 - centralised round

Hawke's Bay defeated Nelson by 31 runs • Masterton

Wairarapa v Manawatū • Masterton POSTPONED to 11 FEB 2024 [BEREAVEMENT]

Non-competition match

Taranaki defeated Marlborough by 7 wickets • Masterton

Sunday 14 January 2024 - centralised round

Hawke's Bay defeated Nelson by 3 runs • Masterton

Wairarapa lost to Taranaki by 9 wickets • Masterton

Non-competition match

Manawatū defeated Marlborough by 162 runs • Masterton

Saturday 20 January 2024

Taranaki v Nelson • Pukekura Park, New Plymouth

Sunday 21 January 2024

Taranaki defeated Nelson by 8 wickets • Pukekura Park, New Plymouth

Manawatū defeated Wairarapa by 121 runs • Palmerston North

Friday 26 January 2024

Non-competition match

Marlborough lost to Manawatū by 8 wickets • Horton Park, Blenheim

Saturday 27 January 2024

Nelson lost to Manawatū by 86 runs • Nelson

Sunday 28 January 2024

Nelson lost to Manawatū by 77 runs • Nelson

Taranaki v Wairarapa • New Plymouth match abandoned

Sunday 4 February 2024

Hawke's Bay defeated Wairarapa by 6 wickets • Nelson Park, Napier

Manawatū lost to Taranaki by 7 wickets • Palmerston North

Sunday 11 February 2024 (rescheduled fixture)

Manawatū defeated Wairarapa by 21 runs • Masterton




 CD's senior women's Inter-District competition is named after the late New Zealand Test player, CD representative and coach, Mike Shrimpton...Born in Feilding, Shrimpton became the first - so far, only - New Zealand coach to win an ICC Cricket World Cup when he guided the WHITE FERNS to the 2000 title. He also coached the Central Hinds and was a beloved mentor to many current WHITE FERNS and Central Hinds players before he passed away in 2015. Literally the biggest trophy in New Zealand cricket, Mike's bat is a highly coveted item in the world of female Inter-Districts cricket.

The MIKE SHRIMPTON TROPHY has undergone significant developments in recent seasons as CDCA invests further in Development of the female game.

In 2020/21, the competition was played as a double round robin by Hawke's Bay, Wairarapa, Manawatū and Taranaki over six rounds - up from five rounds the previous season.

The following season saw the exciting addition of Nelson to the Mike Shrimpton Trophy, a South Island CD district joining the competition for the first time. The Nelson Nyxons achieved their first win in their first home match (the penultimate round of the season) against eventual champion, Manawatū.  

In 2023/24, as development continues to build the local female game, Marlborough joined the action for the first time, easing into this level of interprovincial cricket against established Shrimpton Trophy teams on a non-points trial basis.

It became a season of 'firsts' for Marlborough, playing their first fixtures against fellow District Association teams. Previously, the team had played just a couple of rep games against near neighbours Nelson, while some Marlborough players represented Nelson at Shrimpton Trophy level.


JOINED 2023/24


2023/24 • Hawke’s Bay

2022/23 • Manawatū

2021/22 • Manawatū

2020/21 • Hawke’s Bay

2019/20 • Hawke’s Bay

2018/19 • Hawke's Bay

2017/18 • Manawatū

2016/17 • Manawatū

2015/16 • Manawatū

2014/15 • Hawke's Bay


The Laws of Cricket

Except as specially provided hereafter, the 2017 (2022) Code of the Laws of Cricket, together with the Playing Conditions as laid down by NZC will apply.

Competition Specific Playing Conditions

40 overs per side.

8 overs maximum per bowler

Power plays:    

(1) Overs     1 – 8  inclusive   (max. 2 players outside the inner circle)

(2)  Overs    9 - 40 inclusive   (max. 4 players outside the inner circle)

One white club match 142g Kookaburra cricket ball to be used per innings.

Hours of Play

Matches are scheduled to start from 11.00am, but can be brought forward to 10.30am upon consultation between the respective competing teams.

Please note that in these cases, all those associated with the match – teams, match officials (umpires), district management – must be notified in advance.                     

11.00am – 1.40pm Session 1                                      

1.40pm – 2.20pm Interval

2.20pm -  5.00pm Session 2

If there is a delayed start, or one or more interruptions in play, the umpires will order extra time to extend the timing for the cessation of play up to:                     

6.30pm (11.00am start)  Day matches. 

6.00pm (10.30am start)  Day matches

Note: Lunch (40 minutes) can be shortened, with agreement between the participating teams and umpires, if there are travel requirements or reasonable reasons presented.

(N.B. Hallyburton Johnstone Shield break between innings is 30 minutes from 2023/24)



6.1 For each match teams may be composed of twelve players

6.2 Prior to the toss for each match captains must provide opposing captains and the umpires a list of their batting XI and their fielding XI. The player left out of the fielding XI will act as a 12th for the fielding portions of the match (i.e. the player may bat in the batting XI but may not bowl)

6.3 The “12th player” may be rotated on and off the field acting as substitute fielder, under the following conditions – the “12th player” can be rotated at 10 over intervals (ie after 10 overs, 20 overs and 30 overs). Only if a player is injured or ill can the “12th player” be rotated at any other time.  No player is to be off the field for more than 10 overs during an innings, unless they are injured or ill. Hence, no player can take part in the field for less than 30 overs unless injured or ill.            

6.4 Since the rotation of the substitute is controlled, there is no penance time for either the batting or fielding side, unless there is an injury related change. The time the injured player is off the field is to be monitored and penance time applied to their absence if or when they return. For example – If a bowler leaves the field with an injury and they are off the field for more than the allowed 8 minutes grace period, they must “serve their time” before bowling again.If a bowler leaves the field with an injury and does not return to the field in the completed innings, they must serve their penance time before batting or bat no higher than number 7.

6.5 The wicketkeeper cannot be designated as the non-bowler.

Teams have 2 hours 40 minutes to bowl their 40 overs. That is 15 overs per hour or 4 mins per over. From season 2023/24, for each over, short of the required number of overs at the scheduled or rescheduled cessation time, the fielding side will be penalised 0.5 of a point. 

Allowances such as - treatment of injuries on the field; finding or replacing the ball or any other wholly acceptable reason, must be factored in by the umpires. 

The Umpires will communicate how the respective It must be noted that the out-standing overs are still required to be bowled. 

Pace bowler bowling loads as per NZC PC’s must be followed. Ie If a player is aged under 19 as at 01 September, in the year of the first half of the season, they will be restricted to a bowling load of six overs in any one spell.

The wearing of helmets by all batters is mandatory, in the interests of Health and Safety, in this competition. It is also expected that wicketkeepers wear helmets when standing up to spin bowlers.

Running the non-striker out before the ball is bowled

The bowler must issue a warning to the non-striker who, in the umpire’s opinion, was out of their crease at the time of the incident

The warning must be made to the umpire at the non-striker's end before the next ball is delivered

The warning will last the duration of that innings and apply to all batters

The umpires will make all incoming batters aware if a warning has been issued.

Central Districts Cricket Association believes that the process of the bowler running out the non-striker is not in the Spirit of the Game and should be used only as a last resort.

Umpires: Captain’s Reports

For season 2023/24, the Captain’s Umpires Report can be found on the Central Districts Cricket Association website. Click on CDCA Competitions, in the drop-down list, select the Furlong Cup or Mike Shrimpton Trophy and click on the yellow “Captain’s Umpires Report Form” button. Complete report and submit. (Remember captains will need to know the respective umpires’ names).

It is recommended that this form is filled in straight after the game.

If no completed report is received, from the participating Shrimpton Trophy team, by 5pm on the following Wednesday, after the scheduled game, 2 points will be deducted from that team in the Shrimpton Trophy points table.

  • All other playing conditions (ground markings, fielding restrictions, etc.) as per Hallyburton Johnstone Shield